Vogelensangh is careful when it comes to sorting colours. Our bricks are pre-sorted on our factory site and delivered to the construction industry carefully packaged. To get an even facade, bricks from several pallets must be used. We enclose the instruction to do so with the bricks, resulting in a balanced structure of shades.

CE mark on our concrete bricks

All our CE marked concrete bricks are produced under Factory Production Control (FPC) no. 0620-CPR-W1134. All products satisfy the technical specifications as laid down in NEN-EN 771-1.

The bricks also meet the requirements in accordance with the Building Materials Decree, the quality of the production process is guaranteed by Factory Production Control (FPC).


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Foundation Vogelensangh

In 2013 the Vogelensangh Brick Factory Restoration and Education Foundation was founded. The aim of this foundation is to restore the old brick factory and to promote its educational value. Visit the website to read all about the foundation, the restoration and history of the Vogelensangh Brick Factory

The foundation's website