Matching bricks can be a real challenge. It’s a challenge we at Vogelensangh love to accept. In our nearly hundred years old Dutch factory, we still use a traditional way of baking bricks. This results in beautiful, authentic bricks, not to be distinguished from the initial ones.

Brick matching is an art we master. We know how to “read” the old stones and compose the clay in such a way, that we reach exactly the result you’re hoping for. Without any artificial dye, we produce the most sustainable and genuine bricks.

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Bricks that stand the test of time

If you are looking to renovate, restore or reconstruct, don’t settle for less. Our craftsmanship in baking bricks has been developed over decades. Brick matching is about colour, hue, shape, size and texture. We take the building as a whole into consideration.

Bricks more than anything determine the appearance of a house or edifice. You want your new bricks to be of high quality. They shouldn’t discolour or respond to the elements different from the original bricks. Brick matching also means using the best techniques, that’s why we produce our stones the way we do. It takes time and diligence, but the outcome is worth the effort.

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Brick matching options

There are several options when it comes to brick matching. It’s replacing all the old ones, filling the gaps or realizing a new project.

  • You want to replace all the old bricks by new ones, but maintain the character of the building. We can help you by creating a perfect replacing brick.
  • Maybe you just want to “fill in the gaps” and keep the original bricks that are still good enough. In that case, the brick matching is about complementing. The new bricks should go with the old ones in a way that eventually no one can tell which bricks are old or new.
  • You’ve got a complete new construction project, but you need brick matching to find the right bricks for the surroundings and houses close by.

No matter the reason, we can provide the authentic bricks you are searching for. Please feel free to contact us about our bricks or on the subject of brick matching.

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Foundation Vogelensangh

In 2013 the Vogelensangh Brick Factory Restoration and Education Foundation was founded. The aim of this foundation is to restore the old brick factory and to promote its educational value. Visit the website to read all about the foundation, the restoration and history of the Vogelensangh Brick Factory

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