Coal-stoked bricks are bricks that are produced “the old-fashioned way”, resulting in beautiful, traditional bricks. The only place in the Netherlands where you can still find coal-stoked bricks is Steenfabriek Vogelensangh. 

The firing process for our bricks

If you want to find out how coal-stoked bricks are produced, view our impression of the production process, in which you can see how the clay is cut, how the filled shapes have to dry for six days first and that they then have to go into the ring kiln for at least 10 days. In this ring kiln, the fire turns a complete revolution in 10 days, at a constant temperature.

This is where the coal-stoked bricks are produced, because coals are constantly thrown through the stoke holes, exactly the right amount of fuel for the fire. The bricks can then cool down before they are finally sorted. The coal-stoked bricks are now ready to use.

The bricks

Coal-stoked bricks don’t just have one specific appearance. At Vogelensangh, bricks are produced in all kinds of colours, shades and sizes. What links these bricks is the fact that they are of the highest quality, colourfast (without colouring agents!) and durable.

The bricks are perfect for repairing an old facade and are in keeping with a classic construction style, but the coal-stoked bricks are equally as suitable for a simple newbuild project or non-residential building. This is because we are able to adapt the bricks entirely to your project or requirements –

both in terms of colour, and structure and appearance. To get an idea of the different things you can do with coal-stoked bricks, you can see a few of our projects below:

View all projects involving coal-stoked bricks

Your project

We are guaranteed to have a beautiful brick for your project. Take a look at our bricks or visit the factory to see with your own eyes why we still produce genuine coal-stoked bricks.


Do you have an enquiry or comment? We look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact us.

Foundation Vogelensangh

In 2013 the Vogelensangh Brick Factory Restoration and Education Foundation was founded. The aim of this foundation is to restore the old brick factory and to promote its educational value. Visit the website to read all about the foundation, the restoration and history of the Vogelensangh Brick Factory

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