Are you searching for authentic yellow bricks? Whether it’s to renovate or restore an old building or to build an authentic house or edifice, it’s our craft to bake the most sustainable and genuine yellow bricks.

In our nearly hundred years old factory, we bake stones in a traditional way, making us the sole manufacturer using this process in Holland. It is our challenge to create exactly the yellow bricks you are looking for. When it comes to shape, texture or colour – you name it.

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Bricks for renovation

If you aim to renovate or restore, you are in search of a very particular kind of bricks. We take the original yellow bricks as starting point. We don’t use dye to reach the right shade, because dye is prone to the elements. We use the composition of the stones and the temperature of the flames to get that exact hue you are looking for.

Also the size or texture of the yellow bricks is taken into consideration. Old buildings can have deviant stones. Maybe we have to create new moulds or manually create the characteristic look of the bricks you’re looking for. For us that’s a challenge we love to accept.

Look at the different sorts of bricks


Different sorts of yellow bricks

Our yellow bricks go under the name Canne, entailing a series of over ten sorts. We like to show you some examples of our craftsmanship.

[voorbeelden van de stenen in de serie Canne]

It’s possible you are looking for such a special replica, that you’re not sure quite yet if we have what you’re looking for. Please, do contact us about the yellow bricks you’re in search of. We’d love to help you!

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Foundation Vogelensangh

In 2013 the Vogelensangh Brick Factory Restoration and Education Foundation was founded. The aim of this foundation is to restore the old brick factory and to promote its educational value. Visit the website to read all about the foundation, the restoration and history of the Vogelensangh Brick Factory

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