There are various types and sizes of bricks, such as: handmade bricks, special shaped bricks, wirecut bricks, facing bricks and very many different sizes and shapes. What do these bricks look like and why should you choose a certain type of brick?

The different types of bricks

In the types of bricks we make a distinction between the following denominators:

  • Handmade bricks (also known als hand-thrown bricks)
  • Traditional wirecut
  • Sintered bricks, also known as smoked bricks
  • Facing bricks
  • Restoration bricks also known as reclaim bricks

The handmade brick: hand-thrown

The name of the stone reveals it all: these are bricks that are poured into a handmade mould. Many companies have fully automated this, but Steenfabriek Vogelensangh still works according to a tradition that is over a 100 years old. Do you want a different shape or finish? Then we literally build a new mould box for you in order to be able to make the stone you want to use for your project.
Read more about handmade bricks.

Sintered or smoked bricks

A smothered stone takes on a certain colour because of the extreme heat. We also call this a ‘sintered brick’. In order to make this brick, we raise the temperature in our oven to about 2057 F. These smoked bricks have a distinctive look.

Facing bricks

The facing brick is actually an ‘ordinary brick’, but then incorporated into the facade of a building. Many architects ask for a more unique stone: it may be notable. Various colours, protruding elements or various shapes used interchangeably: there are many options.

Reclaim bricks: restoration

When renovating a monument or an old church, often a certain type of stone has to be taken into account. Because it is possible to make custom-made stones with a unique colour in the Vogelensangh brick factory, we are able to recreate these stones, most often referred to as reclaim bricks.

The different brick sizes

At Vogelensangh, we supply the following brick formats as standard:

  • Wall format brick – 210 x 100 x 50 mm
  • Brick thick format – 215 x 101 x 65 mm
  • Rhine format brick – 180 x 87 x 41 mm
  • Vecht format brick – 210 x 100 x 40 mm
  •  Yssel format brick – 160 x 78 x 41 mm
  • Monastery format brick – 280 x 130 x 80 mm
  • Long-sized brick: varying dimensions

Do you want a different size? Then, of course, we can always make a handmade brick for you.

View the different formats in the factory

Please pay a visit to the Vogelensangh factory to see the different types and sizes and to discover or design the perfect brick for your project.



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